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Recycle material is more and more important

Air pollution, global warming, waste accumulation, and uncontrolled consumption are issues that concern everyone's present and future. The symbiotic relationship between human and nature and an environmentally sustainable lifestyle have become the consensus of social development nowadays. Exploring innovative fibers and alternatives to optimize comfort and functionality will become an important factor for consumers to enhance their daily protection and performance. We need both to protect nature through sustainable and regenerative processes and to protect against unwanted aggressions through technology and comfortable fabric products. Therefore, this report takes plant-based vegan leather as the key fiber direction, combined with brands such as Stella McCartney, Burberry and Gucci that are being used and promoted to set a benchmark for fashion and environmental protection, which can better serve consumers and create a new future of beauty, health and comfort.

Key concept: "plant-based" mainly refers to the agricultural and forestry production of agricultural and forestry waste and agricultural and forestry products processing waste other than food and fruit. Vegan leather, following the development of leather substitutes, is made from biological and vegan food waste, pineapple leaves, apple peels, mycelium, coconut water and other waste materials, to make environmentally sustainable vegan leather. Not only does it solve the unsustainable and cruel leather industry, but it also begins to enter the commercial market by partnering with companies like Stella McCartney, Kering, H&M and adidas, making the global food waste problem go away, so it's a double whammy!

Craftsmanship & Fiber: By collecting and sorting food waste as a source of biomaterials, MycoWork's mycelium leather Reishi, Beyond Leather's apple waste material, and Mylo mushroom leather. Compared with traditional leather, green and natural, excellent breathability and flexibility, good abrasion resistance and water and fire resistance.

Application suggestion: "Plant-based" vegetarian leather, green and natural, good hand feeling and strength, long-lasting luster, easy care. Suitable for the development of all kinds of leather products, especially jackets, coats, trench coats and other styles.

Stella McCartney brand, long committed to the concept of environmental protection, can be said to be the pioneer of environmentally friendly fashion. Because of her mother's influence, her education from childhood is naturally inseparable from the concept of environmental protection, Stella firmly to be an environmentalist and animal protectionist. Her education has naturally influenced the brand's philosophy of sustainability, rejecting leather and animal products in favor of alternative "plant-based" vegan leather and making environmental protection a core principle of the brand. Stella McCartney's silhouettes, shapes and textures are clean and modern. The combination of natural confidence and feminine femininity makes the wearer more individual and modern, and is loved by celebrities, celebrities and fashionistas.



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